Window & Conservatory Cleaning

We use the water fed pole system with pure water for window cleaning and Conservatory Valet.

Pure water is plain water from the tap that has been treated in some funky scientific way to remove all the contaminants. Basically what that means is that it is passed through a filter that traps all the spare bits floating around, plus the spare ions that are swishing about in there too. Those things are pretty small, but what they do is attract dust, dirt and all kinds of other stuff that leaves blobs and marks on your window glass.Window and Conservatory Cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham

Pure water is just H2O with absolutely nothing added. It’s the same pure water that is used for science projects. In practice that means that when your windows are washed with pure water, there are no streaks or marks once the glass has dried. Then as there are no obstructions on the glass surface like chlorine molecules, soap residue, or the dirt from next doors windows that sticks to the cleaning cloth that was used there, there is nothing for new dirt to cling to. That means your windows stay cleaner longer.

With no contaminants added that’s great news for the environment too. Just pure clean water will do the job.

Window and Conservatory Cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield and RotherhamThe other main advantage with water fed pole cleaning is that no ladders are used. All the cleaning is done from ground floor level with a soft bristle brush on an extendable pole. The pole will easily reach 3 or more floors, and because it’s a brush you get the window frames cleaned in the process too. There are no ladder marks in the grass, none on the window frames and no chance of me falling from 2 floors up breaking my neck and squishing your prize begonias!

The cleaning tools are very portable, which means that those windows above your conservatory roof that never get cleaned should be very afraid.

We are fully insured, have recent DBS / CRB checks, take card payments, issue receipts and live locally to you, we are a service that you can TRUST.

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