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Why are there different calculators?

Well windows in a house, bungalow or flat are all pretty much the same size, however some commercial properties have great big windows and some have different styles of entrance doors. So unless your house has great big plate glass windows the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, please use the domestic calculator 🙂

The Conservatory Valet Calculator will help you see what the price would be to clean your conservatory. Some conservatories can get pretty grimy, so you can even estimate how dirty you feel yours is. That choice is a little subjective, but we always come along to visit before we agree the price  for a Conservatory valet.

The Commercial Calculator is aimed at business premises, that means retail outlets, pubs, restaurants, offices, industrial units, etc. The prices are pretty much the same for Commercial and Domestic work, but the window and door sizing is a little different.

You can complete an estimate for yourself, and once you see the result if you would like to send that information to us, just complete the contact details on that form and hit send. We get a copy of the whole form and a copy is also emailed to you. We will then contact you to discuss the next step. There is no commitment from you at this stage, and if you decide not to go ahead that is just fine.

Please note that the above is an estimate only, and that a minimum charge may apply.